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  • Full range of communication services from writing and graphic design to support with strategy, media, and digital.
  • Healthy diversity of clients: large and small, public and private, international organisations, and non-profits.
  • Expert knowledge on key topics such as agriculture, trade, sustainability, democracy, diversity, and climate change.

What sets us apart


Eyetalk is run by two highly experienced ex-Reuters journalists, who combine expert communication skills with a rigorous attention to detail.


Meeting global challenges requires public-private collaboration. We are committed to helping the sectors understand each other better.


Every client is different; every message is unique. We are driven to deliver tailor-made communications that have maximum impact on your audience


If you are part of Geneva’s diplomatic, finance, humanitarian, trading, or other international communities, we’re just down the road from you.


Curiosity drives us. We’re keen to find out more.

Meet the Team

Our team has a diverse set of skills and experiences that enable us to provide the broadest possible range of services.

Director, Writer
Digital producer
Digital technician
Graphic designer

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October 17 2020

Welcome to the Final Battle for the Climate

China’s unilateral commitment to carbon neutrality by 2060 took the West by surprise. But it has been obvious since the...

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September 24 2020

Hydrogen Breaks through as the hottest thing in green energy

Wind and solar power have rightly been a focus of attention in the fight against #climatechange. But #hydrogen is gaining more attention, because...

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June 29 2020

WFP to assist largest number of hungry people ever, as coronavirus devastates poor nations

#covid19 could increase by 82 percent the numbers of hungry in the countries where the World Food Programme operates. "Until the day we...

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“Bridging the public and private sectors will produce some of society’s biggest advances.”

Natalia began her career as an international journalist, covering some of Europe’s top stories for Die Zeit and Reuters. In 2009, she advised the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) leadership and led their media team at the Copenhagen climate summit. Since then, she has supported the governments of Ghana and Myanmar to communicate on climate, written a coffee sustainability report for Louis Dreyfus Company, and provided messaging for the EU, the UN, and a wide range of multinational companies.


“I’m interested in language, stories, and the way our societies work”

After studying politics and economics at Oxford, Edward worked on development projects in Central Asia, then as a journalist with Reuters in East Africa. Returning to Europe, he worked with international organisations such as the GAVI Alliance, Kofi Annan’s Africa Progress Panel, the UN Conference on Trade and Disarmament (UNCTAD), and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Edward has a proven track record of boosting the visibility of his clients and employers, and his opinion pieces have been published by the Guardian (UK), the East African, Izvestiya, and CNN.


“I’m passionate about stories that inspire action”

Chris is a strategic communications professional with experience across North America, Asia, and Africa. He began his career as a journalist with China Radio International before moving to corporate communications with WWF in China, Singapore, and Canada. He then worked in Malawi with Dignitas International, a non-profit medical and research organisation. Chris’s rich media and digital experience informs his story-telling for global audiences.


“I love it when my clients look good on digital”

Gisella began her digital career more than a decade ago by marketing content online for some of Italy’s top publishers, advertisers, and marketing agencies. Curious to see the world, she then spent five years in Africa managing a range of digital projects for advertisers and EU-funded projects. Since returning to Europe, Gisella has consulted on literally thousands of digital campaigns for some of the continent’s largest companies.


“Graphic design plays a key role in compelling communication.”

Agata is an accomplished and creative designer. She likes to push the boundaries of her craft and help clients to capture the best of their brand with her distinctive and memorable campaigns, reports, and social media. Agata has been Instrumental in major rebranding efforts and the driving force behind the creation of compelling visual identities for UN agencies and several multinational companies.

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